Broadloom Carpet

The Floor Store Carpet Showroom

Broadloom carpet is a carpet that is woven on a very wide loom - so these carpets can be installed in a large area without creating seams.  Broadloom can be installed wall to wall or made into custom area rugs.  It is probably the easiest way to dramatically improve the look and comfort of your home.

The Floor Store Carpet Showroom

Carpet offers a solution for just about every taste, budget, and desire with a wide variety of colors, patterns, textures and fibers to choose from.  Different rooms call for different choices.  You may want a fine wool axeminster or wilton pattern for your dining room, but choose a casual, comfortable synthetic carpet for the family room.  While you may pick a vibrant shag for the kids room, you would likely choosea luxurious deep pile for the master bedroom.

Let's chat about what you want to do.  We'll show you the choices available and help you identify what's best for your project, budget and taste.

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