Hardwood Floors

There are very few ways to improve the look and value of your home that provide a better value than hard wood flooring.

As long-lasting as they are beautiful, hard wood is now enjoying a resurgence as an environmentally friendly decorating option.

And along with being beautiful and long-lasting, these hard wood floors are also considered environmentally friendly.

But how do you choose the right hard wood flooring for your project?  If you've ever tried to get an answer from someone at one of the home improvement mega-stores, you probably left more confused than when you went in.

At The Floor Store, we take to time to understand what your goals are, and to explain which options are a match for your situation.

Wood floors can be a unifying feature that ties the areas of your home together.  It is also distinctive enough to stand on its own, highlighted with dramatic design elements like borders, or medallions.  And with proper care they can last more than a lifetime. 

We'll help you choose among the wide variety of stunning hardwood floor options available to create the look and feel your dreaming of for your home. Call us at 973-966-6102 to schedule an appointment and we'll give you the assistance you need to make your decorating project a success. 

Here are a few options we can help you explore.

Unfinished Hardwood - Contact Us for Best Pricing

Unfinished hardwood can be installed and finished on-site.  We offer it in almost any species, width or color you would like.  This is often the best option if you have a very specific design in mind, or are trying to match a new floor to an existing floor.  Unfinished hardwood must be sanded and finished on-site.

Prefinished Wood

Prefinished wood floors can be installed without the disruption and time required for sanding and finishing unfinished hardwood.  And, they can be used immediately after they are installed.  The factory applied finish is tougher than those applied on-site and comes with a longer warranty.  While species and stain color selection are more limited with pre-finished wood, they are generally sufficient options available if you are more flexible with your species, width and color requirements.

Solid Hardwood, Engineered Hardwood and Floating Floors

Solid Hardwood can only be installed above grade, and is typically 3/4 inch thick.  Installation requires a subfloor that can be nailed into.  Solid hardwood has the thickest wear layer and can stand up to multiple sandings and color changes.  It is available in unfinished and pre-finished selections.  Please note, some species of solid hardwood floors are not appropriate for use above radiant heating systems.

Engineered Hardwood has a wood veneer that has been applied to multiple layers of filler wood.  It is generally thinner than solid hardwood so it is a good choice when floor height is an issue, your project is to be installed below grade or over a concrete subfloor.  It is also a good choice for use above radiant heat or in rooms with built in cabinets.  It isn't designed for multiple sandings, but some of the brands that feature thicker veneers can handle several sandings.  Engineered hardwood can be floated (see below), stapled or glued down.  Almost all engineered floors are prefinished.

Floating Floors are a type of engineered floor, but are constructed in a way that allows them to be installed where other wood floors cannot typically go.  They are not permanently affixed to the floor, but rather "float" on top of your existing floor.  They can be installed below grade, over radiant heat, tile, ceramic or any solid subfloor.  Floating flooring typically offers the fewest choices in terms of species, width and color.


While not technically a hardwood (did you know bamboo is actually a type of grass?), bamboo is used in similar situations as hardwood.  Bamboo is up to 27% harder than oak and has a very exotic, contemporary look.  Bamboo has become a very popular flooring choice as it is considered a green product, due to the renewable nature of the bamboo plant.  It can be cut and harvested without damaging the plant itself.  Available in solid, engineered and floating forms, bamboo comes in natural, carbonized and stained colors.


Cork has been used for centuries and has some unique and desirable properties as a flooring option.  A renewable green product, like bamboo, it is naturally waterproof, insect repellant and resistant to mold and mildew.  It is a thermal and acoustic insulator, so it is warm and reduces the noise of frequent foot traffic.  Cork is very durable and can be recoated as necessary.  Cork can be installed below grade and over radiant heat.  It is available in many patterns and colors, and can be an attractive alternative to wood for your kitchen, bath, bedroom or family room.

Click here to see the brands of wood flooring we work with.  You can click on the links on to the individual manufacturer's pages to get a better idea of what options are available.  While we may not carry every product the manufacturer offers in each category, when you are ready, visit the showroom and we can help you make the perfect selections for your project and budget.